Will TV rentals be available for Fall 2020?

Sorry – this program will not be available for the Fall of 2020.

Can any USC student utilize this service?

Sorry, no. We can only rent TVs to students living in USC Housing buildings.

How much do the TVs cost to rent?

32″ LED HDTV $175 per year

42″ LED HDTV $220 per year

I live in Family Housing with different contract dates; do the same rates apply?


How will I pay for this?

The rental charges will be placed on your student account.

When will I receive my TV?

We will do our best to deliver your TV prior to Fall move in date, however, it is not guaranteed.

What does set-up entail?

The TV will be delivered to your room, placed on the furniture (we cannot mount TVs on the walls) and programmed.

Is there a cancellation date?

You may cancel up to one week before Move-in day.

What do I do with my TV at Check-out?

Just leave it in the room. Our technicians will pick up the set after you have moved out.

I’m a spring admit; can I rent a TV?

Yes, you may sign up before spring Move-In.

If I change my housing assignment during the school year, should I move the TV myself?

No. Just inform Housing Maintenance at 740-4646 that you are moving, and we will work with you to move and set up the TV at your new home.

Who should I call if I’m having problems with my set?

Simply contact Housing Maintenance at 740-4646. If the TV is broken, it will be removed and replaced by HSM staff.

What if I damage my TV and it needs to be replaced?

The cost of replacement for 32″ is $250.00 and a 42″ is $350.00.

What is the deadline to order your TV?

The deadline is July 31st, 2020 at 5pm.

What do I do with my TV if I’m checking out prior to the end of the academic year?

If you move out before the end of the academic year please email housingtvrentals@usc.edu so your TV can be picked up. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.