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*Prices are all based on storage for the entire summer (May - August) and include pick up, storage and delivery. If you would like to extend your storage services you will be charged the same rate for each additional semester of storage. Winter break shall be computed as half a semester. Those storing in the middle of the spring semester due to COVID-19 will be charged for 1.5 semesters of storage which includes the balance of the spring and all if summer.

Anticipated Storage Items

Storage Item Name Price # of items Total per item
Small Box (14″X14″X14″) 44.00
Medium Box (18″X18″X18″) 55.00
Large Box (17″X20″X29″) 66.00
Small Suitcase/Duffle 60.50
Medium Suitcase/Duffle 66.00
Large Suitcase/Duffle 71.50
Small Trunk 55.00
Medium Trunk 66.00
Large Trunk 71.50
Mini-Fridge (4.0cu.ft.) 110.00
Small Plastic Storage Bin (1.5cu.ft. or less) 44.00
Medium Plastic Storage Bin (1.51cu.ft.-3.5cu.ft.) 55.00
Large Plastic Storage Bin (3.51cu.ft.-4.5cu.ft.) 66.00
Carpet/Rug 88.00
Bicycle 99.00
Desk Chair 71.50
Lamp 44.00
Desk (Small) 99.00
Desk (Medium) 132.00
Desk (Large) 165.00
Futon 176.00
Mattress (Twin) 110.00
Mattress (Full) 132.00
Mattress (Queen) 165.00
Mattress (King) 165.00
TV (up to 34″ diagonal) 110.00
TV (35″and greater) 198.00

Packing Material & Shipping

Small Box 0.00
Medium Box 0.00
Large Box 0.00
Tape Roll 3.50
Bubble Wrap 4.50

*Ship Home
Anything that is in a box or luggage with wheels will be shipped within the contiguous United States at a rate of $3.50 per pound.

  • $100 of insurance is included (additional insurance may be purchased for $1.50 per $100)
  • Additional charge of $16.50 for each non-boxed item

*Extra Charges

  • Heavy Items Charge (Over 50 lbs): $55.00
  • Off Schedule Delivery: $220.00
  • Out of the USC area Pick up or Delivery: $220.00

*Same Day/Evening Pickup Reservations:

  • If you sign up less than three days prior to your requested move out date, you will need to provide your own boxes.

*Estimation of items:
Small Box (14"x14"x14")

  • 3 pairs of shoes, 3 textbooks, bed sheets OR
  • 10 jeans, 5 shirts, 2 shorts

Medium Box (18"x18"x18")

  • 5 pairs of shoes, 3 textbooks, bed sheets, lamp, pillow OR
  • 15 jeans, 8 shirts, 4 shorts

Large Box (17"x20"x29")

  • 6 pairs of shoes, 4 textbooks, bed sheets, lamp, pillow, comforter OR
  • 20 jeans, 12 shirts, 6 shorts, 4 sweaters