Where can I go to sign up for USC Storage and Shipping Services?

Please click here to sign up for USC Storage and Shipping Services.

What if I am unavailable for pick up/delivery?

If you are not around for pickup/delivery, you can have a friend or roommate there. They must be authorized to sign for you. We are not able to do a pick up or delivery if there is nobody to accept your belongings. Another appointment will need to be made and a rescheduling fee may apply.

What if I don’t know my address for next year when signing up?

If you are unsure of where you will need delivery, please contact us when you find out.

Where can I ship to?

We can ship your packages to anywhere in the contiguous United States.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is $3.50 per pound within the United States. This price includes insurance of up to $100 per item shipped.

When will I receive my packing materials?

You will receive your packing materials at least one week before your pick up date. They will be available for pickup from your CSC.

What do I do in case of damage?

In the highly unlikely event that one of your items may be damaged, please contact us so that we can take care of it immediately. We will send over a claims form, and have a manager come and take a look. Before filing a claim, please review our terms and conditions.

Can I store furniture or anything else that doesn’t fit in a box?

Yes. You may store anything you can fit in your home, including bikes, desks, beds, and more.

Are there any restrictions on what I can store?

Yes. All items must be packaged properly and you should follow our Packing Tips.

Can I store my things for longer than the summer?

Yes. We charge per semester for however long you would like to store with us.

Can I access my belongings before the end of the semester?


I live off-campus. Can you pick up my things?

Yes, we service off-campus locations within the USC Boundaries, for both pickup and delivery, free of charge! If you live outside the USC boundaries you will be charged $220 for out of the USC area pick up or delivery.

What if I don’t store as many boxes as I prepaid for during sign up?

Once we pick up your belongings we will adjust your bill to reflect only what has been stored.

How does the shipping service work?

We will pick up the boxes, weigh them, and send them ground shipping to your home address provided in your sign up form. The charge for shipping is $3.50 per pound. In order to get boxes for shipping please request extra boxes in your sign up form.

What if I just want to buy boxes without using the storage or shipping services?

Boxes are free if you will be using our storage and shipping services. If you just want to buy boxes just e-mail us and we will have them delivered.


Small Box: $4.40

Medium Box: $5.50

Large Box: $6.60

What if my address has changed after signing up?

Please contact us so we can deliver your belongings to the right location.


What if I cancel my storage request the day of my scheduled pick-up?

You will be charged for the packing materials plus a $55.00 cancellation fee.

What if I am interested in your storage materials but are not interested in storing my items?

You must order a minimum of 3 items if you will not be storing your items with us.

Is my requested time slot for pick up/delivery confirmed?

We will try to come at the requested time, but USC Storage reserves the right to change your requested time slot.