How long will reassignments be open?

Reassignment begins in early March once the Housing Renewal process ends and runs through mid-July. Check the reassignment procedures for the exact date that reassignment will end this year.

I don’t have an assignment yet. Can I apply for reassignment?

No. You must have a current, active housing assignment in order to be considered for reassignment.

Can I be reassigned with roommates?

Yes. You’ll all need to submit a group request. Make sure that everyone you want to live with is included in your request, even those who may already be assigned to the requested building and room type.  Everyone if the group needs to submit an identical matching request.

Group requests can only be completed if all those in the group have submitted a matching request and there is space enough that everyone in the group can be reassigned. If we are able to complete the request, only those roommates listed in your request will be included in the reassignment, so any previous roommates not included in your request will not be part of the reassignment.  You’ll want to make sure everyone you wish to live with is entered into your request.

My intended roommate(s) and I are already assigned to the same building and room type, but we aren’t roommates. Should we use reassignment to be placed together as roommates?

Yes. Your housing assignment is made up of both your building and room type and any confirmed roommates. Since you are requesting a change in the latter, it is considered a reassignment and you and your roommate(s) should submit a group reassignment form to be placed together.

Will I lose my current assignment when I apply for reassignment?

No. You will retain your current assignment up to the point we are able to reassign you.

Can I request reassignment with roommates who don’t currently have an assignment?

No. Everyone on the request must have a current, active housing assignment. If not, the entire request will be cancelled. Once your roommate secures a housing assignment, you may submit a reassignment request.

Will I be reassigned to just any space?

No. You will be able to list up to three building/room type preferences on your request. If we are unable to reassign you or your group  to one of those choices, we won’t reassign you at all. However, since we may reassign you to any of the preferences you list, be sure to list only those that you wish to be reassigned to.

I am part of a group request in which some of the students are already assigned to the building and room type we want, but wish to bring in one or more other roommates. Do we need to contact the students already assigned to those spaces and get them to move?

No. This is not necessary, (and can lead to a student conduct issue resulting in the loss of your university housing). Since room/apartment numbers are not guaranteed, as openings become available in particular room types, students can be moved around to facilitate the completion of reassignments. What matters is not who is assigned to a particular space, but how many spaces of that type of room open up.

Can I request a different room/apartment number?

No. Student room/apartment assignments are subject to change prior to check-in for a variety of reasons. Since we can’t guarantee that you will remain assigned to a particular room/apartment number, we can’t accept such reassignment requests.

I don’t think I will get along with one of the people assigned to my room; can I reassign to get a more compatible roommate?

Yes. You can submit a request listing your current assignment as your preference.  However, reassignment is not a roommate matching process. USC Housing’s online matching tools are no longer available once you have been assigned.

If you can locate your own roommate(s), you may, all submit group reassignment requests, and we will try to assign you together.

I’ve heard that someone is cancelling their university housing contract. Can I reassign to their space when they cancel?

Not necessarily. Just because you know someone who is cancelling does not mean they can “give” their space to you. When cancellations occur, those spaces are used for reassignment according to the normal reassignment procedures and priorities.

Can I submit more than one request?

No. You can only have one open request of any type. Once you have been reassigned, you can submit another request.

What are my chances to be reassigned?

That depends on a variety of factors, such as, where you wish to be reassigned (it’s harder to get into more popular buildings), if a roommate is involved (in general, it’s more difficult to move pairs of residents) and when you submitted your request (the earlier, the better).

Will you contact me when you have a new space for me so I can decide whether or not I want it?

No. Submission of your request indicates your willingness to be moved to one of the listed preferences. If one of your preferences becomes available, we will reassign you without consultation and then notify that your request is complete. So, if you’re not sure you wish to live in a particular building, don’t list it as a preference.

How long will it take for my request to be granted?

There’s no way to say for sure; it depends on what housing space become available for reassignment. We may be able to complete it quickly or it may take weeks and perhaps we won’t ever be able to fulfill your request. Your reassignment will remain open until: a) we are able to complete it, b) you request in writing to cancel your request or c) the reassignment deadline date.

When will I know if I have been reassigned?

If we are able to reassign you, we will send you an e-mail letting you know we have completed your request.

I changed my mind and don’t want to live where I have been reassigned. Can my reassignment be undone?

No. Once your reassignment is completed, it is your new assignment. In most cases your previous assignment has been used for another student. You can, if you wish, submit a new reassignment request.

What is a pre-Move In reassignment request?

A reassignment request is a way for you or your roommate group to ask for a change in building and/or room type assignment, or to be assigned together. Request are submitted online on the USC Housing portal, the same site you used to apply for and confirm your original assignment,   Everyone in your group must have a confirmed contract for the term for which you are requesting a change. You may list up to three  preferences, each consisting of a building and a single room type available in that building.

Reassignment is not guaranteed. Requests are completed based on when they are received and the availability of the requested spaces.

How do I submit my reassignment request?

You can submit your request online on our Housing portal, the same place where you applied initially and confirmed your assignment,  Pre-occupancy reassignment will only be open during select periods of the year.