• McCarthy Crest
  • Village Overflight x1
  • UV UVF x1
  • RC Spirit 09x1
  • McM Ext03x1
  • UVF 0002x1
  • UVF0035x1
  • UVF 0005x1
  • UVF 0031x1
  • UVF 2 bedrooms 4 People 27x1
  • UVF 2 bedrooms 4 People lofted 11x1
  • UVF 2106 plant bathroomx1
  • UVF Lofted Staircase 10x1
  • UVF Lofted Staircase 17x1
  • UVF Ext 920 01x1
  • UV 4 Brdg 3404 08x1
  • UV 4 Lounge 3121 20x1
  • UV 4 Lounge 3121 21x1
  • UVF red lnge x1
  • UVF Conf x1
  • UVF front exterior 10x1
  • UVF frontx1
  • UVF Crtyd 01 x1
  • UVF Comfy Chairs 17 x1
  • UVF Seating 03 x1
  • UV Dining front exterior 05 x1
Spaces Room Type Room Code Occupancy 2022-2023 Rate / Person
8 Single 2PSGLE Two-person $7,545/Semester
35 Single 3PSGLE One-person $7,390/Semester
40 Single 4PSGLE Four-person $7,390/Semester
98 Double 3PDBLE Two-person $6,055/Semester
112 Double 4PDBLE-Loft Four-person $4,315/Semester
16 Double 4PDBLE Four-person $6,125/Semester
152 Double 4PDBLE-DB Four-person $6,430/Semester
64 Double 8PDBLE Eight-person $6,125/Semester
Spaces8Room TypeSingle Room Code2PSGLEOccupancyTwo-personRate / Person$7,545
Spaces35Room TypeSingleRoom Code3PSGLEOccupancyOne-person Rate / Person$7,390
Spaces40Room TypeSingleRoom Code4PSGLEOccupancyFour-personRate / Person$7,390
Spaces98Room TypeDoubleRoom Code3PDBLEOccupancyTwo-personRate / Person$6,055
Spaces112Room TypeDoubleRoom Code4PDBLE-LoftOccupancyFour-personRate / Person$4,315
Spaces16Room TypeDoubleRoom Code4PDBLEOccupancyFour-personRate / Person$6,125
Spaces152Room TypeDoubleRoom Code4PDBLE-DBOccupancyFour-personRate / Person$6,430
Spaces64Room TypeDoubleRoom Code8PDBLEOccupancyEight-personRate / Person$6,125
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Floor Plan
USC offers a wide-variety of floor plans. This floor plan is typical, though the actual layout and dimensions will vary among buildings that share this plan. Where the exact plan for a room type was not available, the closest approximation was used. Some items shown are for decorative purposes and not included in the room or apartment.
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Customer Service Center
Recreational Facilities
Required Meal Plan
Residential College


The McCarthy Honors Residential College is the visual center of the new USC Village complex, with a Gothic-style clock tower that spires 145 feet into the air. The distinctive collegiate-style architecture is a nod to the university's traditions, while its modern facilities and residential accommodations are a physical manifestation of USC's commitment to education in the 21st century.

On its upper floors, the five story building provides housing for over 500 honors students in a variety of three, four and eight person suite formats.  Each suite is a mix of rooms around a small entry way and one or two bathrooms.  The ground floor houses the area's beautiful new dining hall, where residents will take many of their meals, classrooms, a large lobby and an on-site Housing Customer Service Center.

Features & Amenities

All of the suites are air-conditioned and feature new, stylish furniture.  Suite-style living provides the residents with private bathrooms rather than large community bathrooms. Along with over 30 residential suites, each floor has multiple lounges and study rooms and a laundry room. Two spacious landscaped courtyards, one on the ground level and the other on the first residential floor, are appointed with luxury outdoor furniture.

The ground floor houses a large lobby, classrooms, a magnificent residential dining facility, an Amazon University store, Dulce Café, USC Credit Union and secure indoor bike parking. The USC Village Fitness Center is located nearby, and residents can take advantage of the variety of shopping and dining opportunities afforded by the Village setting.


Parking for Village residents is available in the new Shrine Structure located about a block and a half east on Jefferson Blvd.

Housing Programs

The McCarthy Honors College is a unique living and learning environment for freshman honors students holding either the Mork Family, Stamps Leadership, Trustee or Presidential scholarships. The residential college experience is promoted by the two residential faculty members and an extensive Residential Education staff, who live along side students and coordinate weekly themed dinners at the dining hall featuring presentations from USC faculty and administrators as well as visiting scholars.

Assignment to the building is available to qualified scholarship holders on a first-applied basis according to housing configuration preferences.  While McCarthy Honors provides a greatly expanded number of spaces to Honors students, assignment to the building is not guaranteed.

Residential Education plans and conducts a special retreat for McCarthy students just prior to the beginning of the school year. Residents will move in a few days early to participate in this event. For questions regarding the retreat's programming and activities, please contact the Office for Residential Education.