Where should I live?

Where you should live is very much a matter of personal choice. There isn’t an overall “best” housing facility. Look through the descriptions of freshman buildings and see which fit your personal preferences.

I am a __________ major. Should I live in a particular building?

While some of our buildings have special interest programs geared toward particular academic fields (such as the Music Floor or Women in Science and Engineering), in general, where you live has little to do with your major. As a freshman, your classes are likely to be spread around campus rather than concentrated in a specific location. The USC campus is relatively small and academic buildings are just a 10 or 15 minute walk from freshman housing.

What if I want to tour or see a building?

Since our housing facilities are used year-round, tours of living areas are not possible. Buildings will be pointed out during freshman orientations in the summer.  Please check out the individual pages for buildings you are interested in on this website for pictures, descriptions and floorplans.

I applied by May 1. Why didn’t I get my first housing choice?

May 1 is the application deadline for freshmen to be guaranteed a space in housing, but they are not guaranteed a particular space. Assignments are made based on application date, so those students who applied early, well before May 1, had the best chances to get their top preferences.

What about housing for next year?

Returning residents may apply for housing for the upcoming year through our USC Housing Renewal process (UHR). UHR takes place January through March each year. More information about next year’s UHR will be available in December.

I am admitted for Spring. When can I apply for housing?

Spring 2024 housing applications will be taken beginning July 1, 2024. Check here for more information on spring housing.