The Office for Residential Education strives to create a sense of community by prioritizing collaboration, relationship building and a sense of belonging, and believes learning is maximized through student-focused educational opportunities.

Learning Goals

Equity and Inclusion
To create an inclusive residential community valuing the diversity of its members, Residential Education encourages learning about one’s social group identity and affiliation. By collaborating with campus partners, they support, educate, and challenge understanding of social justice, equity, and inclusion in order to communicate across differences.

Informed by Be Well SC’s definition of well-being, Residential Education proactively provides students with strategies to foster self-care, striving to help students learn from failure and overcome challenges they encounter within their residential communities.

Students should have an understanding of their personal identities and values. By developing a sense of self, they can then practice effective communication skills and develop practical and transferable life skills.

Community Engagement
Living in residential housing provides students the opportunity to connect with others and foster a sense of belonging and purpose. By being part of this community, residents are challenged to manage conflict and skillfully engage in discourse with their peers.

For up-to-date information on programs and activities, talk with your RA, look for campus posters, and follow USC Residential Education on Facebook and Instagram.

Residential Education Staff

The Residential Education staff are committed to providing inclusive communities that create opportunities for personal and academic success in collaboration with members of the Trojan Family.

Each Residential College is managed by a Residential College Coordinator (RCC)—a full-time, live-in professional who has earned a master’s degree in higher education, student affairs administration, educational counseling or a similar area. The RCCs manage the day-to-day operations of the Residential College, including the supervision of the Resident Assistants (RAs).

RAs support student academic and career goals, arrange events to help connecting with other students, and provide support and offer guidance about university policies. RAs are students, too, so they know firsthand what residents are going through. They are trained to assist in a variety of situations and can be especially helpful in mediating roommate issues. RAs typically have multiple years of experience in on-campus living.

Members of the Residential Education staff are on call at all times and available to assist residents and offer support to students and family members, especially in emergency situations.

Phone: (213) 740–2080