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Spaces Room Type Room Code Occupancy 2023-2024 Rate / Person
13 Single SGLE One person $7,950/Semester
24 Single with sink SGLE-WS One person $8,110/Semester
360 Double DBLE Two person $5,897/Semester
162 Double with sink DBLE-WS Two person $6,610/Semester
Spaces13Room TypeSingleRoom CodeSGLEOccupancyOne personRate / Person$7,950
Spaces24Room TypeSingle with sinkRoom CodeSGLE-WSOccupancyOne personRate / Person$8,110
Spaces360Room TypeDoubleRoom CodeDBLEOccupancyTwo personRate / Person$5,897
Spaces162Room TypeDouble with sinkRoom CodeDBLE-WSOccupancyTwo personRate / Person$6,610
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Floor Plan
USC offers a wide-variety of floor plans. This floor plan is typical, though the actual layout and dimensions will vary among buildings that share this plan. Where the exact plan for a room type was not available, the closest approximation was used. Some items shown are for decorative purposes and not included in the room or apartment.
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ATM Machine
Community Bathroom
Customer Service Center
Living Learning Community
Recreational Facilities
Required Meal Plan


Despite its name, New North Residential College is one of the university's oldest housing facilities, a place steeped in USC tradition, combining classic residence hall architecture with modern amenities and forward-looking programs. New North’s typical resident is an active scholar looking for a sense of community and modern conveniences who wants the traditional residence hall experience for their first year at college.

New North is comprised of four connected buildings: Elizabeth Von KleinSmid Memorial Hall (EVK-NEW), home to the Everybody's Kitchen dining facility and a Customer Service Center, and Harris (HRH-NRC), College (COL-NEW), and University (URH-NRC) residence halls.  Most of the rooms in the EVK and Harris sections of the complex have sinks, while most of those in the College and University areas do not. This residential college is coeducational housing, with men and women in different sections of the building.

Features & Amenities

The complex has a centrally located enclosed patio area with plenty of shaded seating and an outdoor fire feature. Residents are encouraged to stay healthy by using the state-of-the-art workout room featuring treadmills, ellipticals and StairMasters.  The study rooms and television lounges on each floor offer both quiet reading space and an excellent place to meet with friends.

The building is conveniently located near dining options, including the Everybody's Kitchen dining hall and Trojan Grounds coffee shop, as well as library facilities and other freshman housing. All residents have a required full meal plan that is accepted at many campus eateries.

Housing Programs

The New North Residential College is known for its vibrant atmosphere, activities that encourage residents to learn through interactions and strong faculty involvement.