Graduate Students
  • SNA Ex 151
  • SNA Ex 011
  • SNA IN 03
  • SNA 3 1 bedroom 1 Person 02x1
  • SNA 3 1 bedroom 1 Person 04x1
  • SNA 3 1 bedroom 1 Person 23x1
  • SNA 3 1 bedroom 1 Person 35x1
  • SNA Ex 051
  • SNA 2 BACH 27x1
  • SNA 2 BACH 16x1
Spaces Room Type Room Code Occupancy 2023-2024 Rate / Person
6 Bachelor BACH One person $1,340/Month
23 One-bedroom 1B1P One family $1,725/Month
Spaces6Room TypeBachelorRoom CodeBACHOccupancyOne personRate / Person$1,340
Spaces23Room TypeOne-bedroomRoom Code1B1POccupancyOne familyRate / Person$1,725
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Floor Plan
USC offers a wide-variety of floor plans. This floor plan is typical, though the actual layout and dimensions will vary among buildings that share this plan. Where the exact plan for a room type was not available, the closest approximation was used. Some items shown are for decorative purposes and not included in the room or apartment.
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12-Month Contract
Air Conditioning


Historic Senator offers fully-furnished one-bedroom apartments for families or married students. The units are large and feature attractive interior and modern bathrooms and kitchens. Each has limited air-conditioning provided by a through-wall unit located in the living room.

The building also has a few bachelor units set aside for single graduate students. The bachelor apartments do not have a kitchen (there is a microwave and refrigerator instead), but they do have a full bathroom, large closets and air-conditioning.

Features & Amenities

A fenced grassy area surrounding the three two-story buildings is safe place for children to play in or for building residents to get together for a cookout.  There is a large, modern laundry room attached to the garage located at the back of the property, sized to be able to serve the entire population of the complex.

Senator is just a short walk from the shopping, dining and recreation of the USC Village and a short walk from the main campus.


There is limited space behind the building in a renovated and secured parking lot. Permits are obtained from USC Transportation.