Undergraduate Students
  • Cowlings Crest
  • Ilium Crest
  • Village Overflight x1
  • UVN plaza 15 x1
  • UVN EX side 07x1
  • UVN EX side 22x1
  • UVN Lng 5412 06x1
  • UVN Lng 5412 19x1
  • UVN 2 bedrooms 2 People Ktch 04x1
  • UVN 2 bedrooms 4 People LvgRm 09x1
  • UVN 2 bedrooms 4 People LvgRm 07x1
  • UVN 2 bedrooms 4 People BdRm 21x1
  • UVN 2 bedrooms 4 People Bth 10x1
  • UVN 1 bedroom 3 People BdRm 02x1
  • UVN Lofted Staircase 26x1
  • UVN Lofted Staircase 04x1
  • UVN Courtyard 27 x1
  • UVN Lounge chairs 20 x1
Spaces Room Type Room Code Occupancy 2022-2023 Rate / Person
28 One-bedroom 1B2P Two-person $7,080/Semester
12 One-bedroom 1B3P Three-person $4,965/Semester
16 Two-bedroom 2B2P-SM Two-person $7,080/Semester
14 Two-bedroom 2B2P Two-person $7,390/Semester
6 Two-bedroom 2B3P-SGLE One-person $7,390/Semester
36 Two-bedroom 2B3P-DBLE Two-person $6,515/Semester
96 Two-bedroom 2B4P-Loft Four-person $4,310/Semester
328 Two-bedroom 2B4P Four-person $6,220/Semester
48 Two-bedroom with double bath 2B4P-DB Four-person $6,640/Semester
114 Three-bedroom with double bath 3B6P-DB Six-person $6,245/Semester
Spaces28Room TypeOne-bedroomRoom Code1B2POccupancyTwo-personRate / Person$7,080
Spaces12Room TypeOne-bedroomRoom Code1B3POccupancyThree-personRate / Person$4,965
Spaces16Room TypeTwo-bedroomRoom Code2B2P-SMOccupancyTwo-personRate / Person$7,080
Spaces14Room TypeTwo-bedroomRoom Code2B2POccupancyTwo-personRate / Person$7,390
Spaces6Room TypeTwo-bedroomRoom Code2B3P-SGLEOccupancyOne-personRate / Person$7,390
Spaces36Room TypeTwo-bedroomRoom Code2B3P-DBLEOccupancyTwo-personRate / Person$6,515
Spaces96Room TypeTwo-bedroomRoom Code2B4P-LoftOccupancyFour-personRate / Person$4,310
Spaces328Room TypeTwo-bedroomRoom Code2B4POccupancyFour-personRate / Person$6,220
Spaces48Room TypeTwo-bedroom with double bathRoom Code2B4P-DBOccupancyFour-personRate / Person$6,640
Spaces114Room TypeThree-bedroom with double bathRoom Code3B6P-DBOccupancySix-personRate / Person$6,245
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Floor Plan
USC offers a wide-variety of floor plans. This floor plan is typical, though the actual layout and dimensions will vary among buildings that share this plan. Where the exact plan for a room type was not available, the closest approximation was used. Some items shown are for decorative purposes and not included in the room or apartment.
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Air Conditioning
Customer Service Center
Required Apartment Meal Plan
Residential College


The largest structure in USC Village, the Cowlings and Ilium Residential College is a tangible statement of the university's commitment to housing undergraduates on or adjacent to campus, providing over 700 spaces to sophomores, juniors and seniors.  The selection of room types is extensive: there are six two-bedroom plans alone, accommodating two to four residents, and ranging from the compact (and economical) loft format to the larger model with two bathrooms. The small two bedroom and two bedroom loft-style types emphasize efficiency and do not have a living room and instead of a full kitchen have a kitchenette, with a sink, oven and four burner range; each bedroom has small microwave oven and mini-fridge. The three bedroom floor plan and some designated two bedrooms have two bathrooms.

Clad in the university's signature brick and cast stone motif, the building is both impressive and functional, home to the Trader Joe's specialty grocery and Target Express stores, Core Power Yoga, a hair salon and the USC Village's Department of Public Safety station.  The second floor has two expansive courtyards, offering a great place to gather with friends, study or watch movies as part of the building programming.

Features & Amenities

Students living in the Cowlings and Ilium Residential College will share in all the recreational and educational opportunities the USC Village provides, as well as the convenient retail and dining choices of the complex.

Each floor has three separate laundry rooms, in addition to multiple lounges, study rooms and open seating areas. A Customer Service Center devoted to assisting residents is located on the first floor, where students can also find a large room for secured bicycle, skateboard and scooter parking.

Residents will have a mandatory partial meal plan that can be used at the USC Village dining hall, as well as other USC Hospitality outlets on campus.


Residents of USC Village may apply at USC Transportation's website for a parking permit at the USC Shrine Structure located about a block and a half east on Jefferson.

Housing Programs

This building is the home of both the Cowlings Residential College and the Ilium Residential College.

The residents of Cowlings Residential College for Arts & Cultures will become cultural explorers of the city around them, Los Angeles, home to many musicians, filmmakers, fashion designers, painters, and artists from around the world.

Building on the experience Honors students had during their freshmen year in McCarthy Honors College, Ilium is home to the Sophomore Honors program, a vibrant, tight knit community of scholars who share a commitment to rigorous intellectual and academic achievement.