Each admitted student has a student account that reflects all university-related charges and credits, including tuition, lab and general fees, financial aid, and dining and housing charges. The Cashier’s office will send you an e-mail each month notifying you that your current bill is available to view and pay online at the “USCe.pay” website. Your initial housing charges will appear on your August statement and will be due at the beginning of the semester.

Rent for residence halls, suites or undergraduate apartments are billed by semester. Fall semester rent is billed in August and spring semester rent in December. Rent for graduate student buildings or family apartment housing is billed monthly, beginning with prorated August rent and full September rent, and then monthly after that.

Rent payments must be made to the Cashier’s Office, not to the USC Housing Office. Only application and confirmation payments are paid directly to USC Housing. If you have university billing questions, call the Cashier’s Office at (213) 740-7471. For questions about financial aid or loans, visit the Cashier’s Office website.