Undergraduate Students
  • IRC Crest
  • PKS Exterior 26x1 1
  • PKS Additional Ex 14x1 1
  • PKS Additional Ex 38x1 1
  • PKS G Exterior 04x1 1
  • PKS G Exterior 09x1 1
  • PKS new lobby 05x1 1
  • PKS new lobby 20x1 1
  • PKS new lobby study room 06x1 1
  • PKS 1B2P Kitchen 05x1 1
  • PKS 1B2PLivingroom Kitchen 07x1 1
  • PKS STU2 LG Living area 10x1 1
  • PKS 2B3P SGLE Bedroom 03x1 1
  • PKS 2B3PBedroom 06x1 1
  • PKS STU2 LG Living area 15x1 1
  • PKS 1B2P Kitchen 01x1 1
  • PKS 1B2P Bedroom 02x1 1
  • PKS Exterior 22x1 1
  • PKS Additional Ex 21x1 1
Spaces Room Type Room Code Occupancy 2022-2023 Rate / Person
10 Studio STU1 One person $7,095/Semester
98 Studio STU2 Two person $5,585/Semester
12 Large studio STU2-LG Two person $5,720/Semester
106 One-bedroom 1B2P Two person $6,520/Semester
3 Two-bedroom single bedroom 2B3P-SGLE One person $6,760/Semester
6 Two-bedroom double room 2B3P-DBLE Two person $5,840/Semester
Spaces10Room TypeStudioRoom CodeSTU1OccupancyOne personRate / Person$7,095
Spaces98Room TypeStudioRoom CodeSTU2OccupancyTwo personRate / Person$5,585
Spaces12Room TypeLarge studioRoom CodeSTU2-LGOccupancyTwo personRate / Person$5,720
Spaces106Room TypeOne-bedroomRoom Code1B2POccupancyTwo personRate / Person$6,520
Spaces3Room TypeTwo-bedroom single bedroomRoom Code2B3P-SGLEOccupancyOne personRate / Person$6,760
Spaces6Room TypeTwo-bedroom double roomRoom Code2B3P-DBLEOccupancyTwo personRate / Person$5,840
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Floor Plan
USC offers a wide-variety of floor plans. This floor plan is typical, though the actual layout and dimensions will vary among buildings that share this plan. Where the exact plan for a room type was not available, the closest approximation was used. Some items shown are for decorative purposes and not included in the room or apartment.
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Recreational Facilities
Required Meal Plan
Residential College
Special Interest Community


Part of the Parkside Residential Community, Parkside Apartments’ two six-story buildings offer a variety of on-campus apartment choices to undergraduates. All of the floor plans have their own kitchen and bathroom, allowing for more independent living. The building has three laundry rooms.

Features & Amenities

Parkside has a lounge and residents have access to all the common facilities and cultural opportunities of the residential colleges. A customer service center and Parkside Residential Restaurant are located in the adjacent International Residential College.

Space for sophomores, juniors and seniors during the 2023-2024 academic year may be limited.

All freshmen assigned to Parkside Apartments are required to have a full meal plan and other undergraduates placed here have a mandatory partial meal plan.  Meal plans can be used all three residential restaurants on campus, as well as many other USC Hospitality locations.

Housing Programs

Parkside Apartments are part of the International Residential College.