Occupational Therapy House

An award-winning residential program developed to support students in USC’s internationally ranked Occupational Therapy department, OT House is a comfortable place for students to study and socialize. The building is located near the University’s Center for Occupational and Lifestyle Redesign. In addition to their studies, residents have a long tradition of volunteer work in the surrounding community.

Residential Faculty

Kimberley Lenington, Assistant Professor of Clinical Occupational Therapy

Open to: Occupational Therapy students
Location: Centennial

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Terrace Law Program (JD)

Collaborating with the Gould School of Law, the Terrace Law Program offers first-year juris doctor students a community of fellow law students to socialize and study with, as well as a Faculty in Residence who is a USC Gould professor.

Residential Faculty

Jean Lantz Reisz, Assistant Professor of Law

Open to: First year JD law students
Location: Terrace